Thursday, December 04, 2008


I guess you can say I've truly arrived.

One of my posts ("Horses, Horses, Horses") was deleted by Blogger this afternoon because someone complained to them that the post violated the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. I am assuming that Mr. Springsteen's people were unhappy that I posted "Born to Run" to go along with the photo that day.

If you haven't been following this latest bout of MP3 sharing drama, it goes like this: someone's been hitting many of the MP3 blogs out there, complaining to Blogger that it's a violation, Blogger deletes the entire post without so much as looking at it, and threatens you that if it happens often enough, they'll delete the whole blog.

This isn't the first time something's been said to me - this last spring, Van Morrison's people (notoriously fast to pounce) asked me to take down a song of his, but they were nice enough not to complain to Blogger. They asked me directly, and as my disclaimer at the bottom of the page states, I'm very happy to comply with these requests when asked. They also very graciously offered a few songs of his free for the downloading at his site.

This new situation irritates me, but I can't really blame either Blogger or whoever complained. That's life.

As for what I'm going to do about it, I'm going to go ahead with my year end music traditions - Christmas music for the next few weeks, the year end "I listened to these songs about 8,976 times each this year" posts, and the traditional New Year's Eve music - and hope I get through the month without any more complaints. If things start looking ugly, I may not post downloadable MP3s anymore, but I won't abandon the music entirely. At worst, I can always link to a video on YouTube or something.

Cross your fingers, y'all.


Anonymous said...

I have always had mixed emotions about “file sharing” sites/issues. I understand the artist earns a living from their recorded work. I also understand that people use and abuse these “services” all too often and need to be dealt with on some level. However…in your case and defense…I didn’t think you were making money off their work. Nor were you advising them to be used for profitable means. If anything, this site in its entirety has shed light on a lot of overlooked, forgotten, or rare music that I for one am not always aware of. For those tracks it is a bit of promotion in a way. Use is use, I guess, but in the context of your site…seems a bit lop-sided to lodge a formal complaint. If The Boss has nothing better to do then have people scouring the web for his music, that is just sad. Guess that explains why I have never been a fan of the Jersey man. Keep your chin up. Know that you have support. And I promise…I’ll do my best to comment from time to time to show you. (That is if you aren’t still upset about my misspeak of Dino…or buggin’ ya every few days…ha, ha.)

Davy H said...

Dane, are you backing your posts up? That way you can restore them after a take-down (minus the offending music link of course). It'd be a shame for us to lose your lovely pictures to The Man x

Karswell said...

At least it's cool to know that Bruce Springstein and Van Morrison read your blog (tee hee.)

Any major dude with half a heart said...

Glad to know you'll continue doing what you're doing. And as Davy H says, be sure to back up your stuff.

BTW, I suspect Thin Lizzy's people are also busy nuking blogger sites.

Dane said...

Thanks, Todd, I appreciate that - especially the bit about promoting forgotten or fairly obscure stuff.

Davy & Major Dude - I hate to sound like the ignoramus I am, but back up the posts in what way, exactly?

Steve: I guess that is the silver lining here. :D

Thin Lizzy, really? That's out of left field. :)

Any major dude with half a heart said...

Just go save-as, and it will save all text and graphics of the current page. Then do the same with all previous pages. It's a bit of a mission, though you can set things in blogger to show more than five or so posts on a page.

Dane said...

Thank you!!


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