Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So, every year I try to save up the spookiest picture I have for Halloween Day. I'm a Leo, I like a big finish, what can I tell you?

The Columbus Landmarks Foundation has scheduled a tour of the biggest, spookiest, creepiest mausoleum in town - Green Lawn Abbey - and I am delighted (and bought my tickets back in September). I have been trying to get into this building legally for three years. And now it's finally going to happen!

So this would make the perfect grand finale shot, right?

Well, it would, except that the tour is scheduled for November 1. Nothing could keep me from going on the tour, but I have to say that, once Halloween's passed, as far as I'm concerned, it's passed. I am no longer in the mood. I imagine most of you, after a month straight of it, feel the same.

So, here's my dilemma, and my question to you: do I just lamely post a picture or two from the Abbey anyway as the grand finale a day late, or do I suck it up and hold them back for next year?

Leave a comment and let me know, won't you?


Sparkleneely said...

November 1st is Day of the Dead, and All Saints' Day, isn't it? So I think it counts!

Anonymous said...

Well…should my thoughts matter…

I say post as you can. Sure it is a month straight, but who cares about the calendar? To me I guess good art is good art regardless of time of year. I personally see nothing wrong with adding a fitting coda to this inspired month. An encore if you will.

Just like you asked before about rehash of songs…Sure it is good to spread out and get some newbies on the fringe, but classics are classics for a reason. Sometimes they simply fit better.

By the by…

Karswell said...

>I imagine most of you, after a month straight of it, feel the same.

NEVER!!! Everyday is Halloween in my house. 24/7, 666 days a year.

Heil Horror!

Dane said...

I actually almost wrote, "... except you, Steve."

So Todd's down with a decent picture any old time, and Karen's got a compelling point re: Day of the Dead.

I'm leaning toward posting 'em then. Thanks guys.

Todd Franklin said...

Hey the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror is always on after Halloween, so if they can do it, so can you!

You don't have to post all your snaps from this place this year. Hold one or two killer shots back for next October.

Halloween Spirit said...

I'll add my vote for posting on November 1st. It's only one day past Halloween; the atmosphere still lingers. It'll be a nice accompaniment to the leftover candy.

Susan said...

It's technically still part of Halloweekend.

Vlad said...

If you will be so kind, please allow me to add my two shekels to the discussion. Vlad is with Karswell! The "Ask Vlads" will not stop on October 31st. Perish the very thought from your fevered brains! Vlad and all of the residents of Weird Hollow will live on throughout the days and months to come. To us, every day is Halloween! Please post the pics!

Dane said...

Wow! Ok, post them I will! Thanks, everyone - I feel better knowing that there will be interest in seeing them, instead of wondering if everyone's secretly rolling their eyes at them. :)

Did anyone click on that link to the Abbey's website? I am beside myself at the idea of getting inside that place. I can barely stand the wait, as the Chipmunks said of Christmas.

The tour is at 7pm; I don't anticipate being home till 9:30 at the earliest, and then I will have to process the pictures, upload, etc. ... they will likely go live very late Saturday/very early Sunday that weekend.

John Rozum said...

Even though you are already convinced, I say post them, or at least some of them. After that great tease you gave us about this place, you can't possibly make us wait a year. That would be torture.

I plan on doing a Nov. 1 post, and I guarantee that most of us are rapidly falling behind on trying to keep up wit all of the Halloween goodies being passed out this year among the 70+ blogs. I for one will be catching well after November 1.

Sheherazade said...

As far as I'm concerned there is never a wrong time to post a spooky picture, and the spookier the better. But then I sing Christmas songs all year round, too, so what do I know. (Please post them anyway, I promise to be spooked)

floyd barber said...

Yes! Post Them.

Dane said...

Will do, Floyd!

Sheherazade: I don't think you'll have to work hard to be spooked. A good part of the reason I want in there so badly is because it kind of repulses me, if that makes sense. I think the spooky pictures will take themselves.

Also? Last night I listened to my favorite Christmas playlist. Don't tell anybody, but you're not alone.

John: So you see the draw of the place, huh? They could make every bit of the money they need to fix and preserve the place by renting it out for horror movies. Filming them, not showing them, though that could work too.

It didn't occur to me, the "playing catch-up after the fact" thing. But yes, we all will be checking to make sure we didn't miss anything, so I might just as well!

Karswell said...

>Did anyone click on that link to the Abbey's website?

I did of course... and yes, this looks like a terrifying place to be in the evening. If you're lucky, maybe Thurston's corpse will re-animate itself like Raymar in the movie One Dark Night ('83) and then black magically awaken all the other slumbering entombed? You're looking at One Dark Night II, or Phantasm 5 or 6 either way I think.

Karswell said...

PS: You should definitely rent One Dark Night and watch it the night before you go to the Abbey. Get yourself in the proper horrormood.

Dane said...

Thank you for the tip, darlin' - I will do my best to get it in my hands the night before!

Todd Franklin said...

That’s neat that the famous magician Howard Thurston is interred there!

Dane said...

I imagine we'll get to pay our respects to him, too!


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