Tuesday, October 07, 2008

1883 Vault

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Richwood, Ohio

Radio spot for Astro Zombies

The Revels - Midnight Stroll


Smurfwreck said...

You know it's funny, but I've never thought about my preferences in the aesthetics of a vault's appearance until you posted a couple photos this season. I have to say that between this one and the previous one, I guess I prefer vaults in some sort of disrepair. Never knew I had an opinion on the matter. Hmm.

Karswell said...

Smurfwreck is right. If I'm gonna be entombed somewhere it better look freakin' scary on the outside. I wanna be the tomb of terror that all the kids dare each other to break into on Halloween at midnight. Just don't violate my corpse kids! Much.

You posted the great Astro Zombies radio spot and missed the perfect opp for Astro Zombies by The Misfits!! Lyric challenge time!

"With just a touch of my burning hand
I send my astro zombies to rape the land
Prime directive, exterminate
The whole human race!

And your face drops in a pile of flesh
And then your heart, heart pounds
Till it pumps in death
Prime directive, exterminate
Whatever stands left!

All I wanted to say
And all I gotta do
Who'd I do this for
Hey, me or you?"

Dane said...

Me too. Most of the ones I run across are pretty weathered, but occasionally you do see the odd (in both senses of the word) shiny new one. I generally like them with a little age and wear too.

Dane said...

Steve, you posted while I was posting so I missed your response.

You posted the great Astro Zombies radio spot and missed the perfect opp for Astro Zombies by The Misfits!!

Ah, I don't listen to the Misfits, so I had no idea that existed. What would I do without your backup?

Just don't violate my corpse kids! Much.


Karswell said...

>Ah, I don't listen to the Misfits

Heresy! Especially in October. You better buy the first couple Cramps albums toom. Also fun stuff over in Magic Carpet Burns monster jukebox (at the very bottom of his blog), has lotsa Octo goodies:


Dane said...

Thank you for the tip! I love leads on more music.

floyd barber said...

Another vote for the decrepit look. And a hearty hear! hear! for the Cramps recommendation. Screamin' Jay Hawkin's "I put a spell on you" would be my other choice.

Dane said...

Well, Screamin' Jay is on deck for later this month. And not just that song, either. :)


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